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Brandsight is one of the few genuine consulting institutions on brand strategy that customizes brand strategy closely according to clients’ business target. Our original combination of the latest business analysis techniques and the incisive insight to consumers with our best creative practices enables a joint exploration of inspiring ideas with customers. In addition, our international design team guarantees brand recognition and the quality in innovation of visual communications as well as systematic standards.

Professional as we are in providing brand and marketing management consulting services, our most outstanding advantages lie in:
1. Mastery of world leading branding and marketing management approaches, understanding of the local market, capacity to provide high-quality brand and marketing consulting services;

2. Effectiveness of services. We actively participate in customers’ internal collaboration and marketing activities, help them seize opportunities in innovation of products and services, and gain tangible returns from investment in branding and marketing;

3. Flexibility of services. Confront hand in hand with customers the problems of all kinds encountered in the project implementation, and provide customized services accordingly.


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