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Define belief undertaken by the brand, take it as connerstone for communications.

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Brand definition
Why does the brand exist? What will the brand achieve? How will the brand do it?

Brand positioning
Why do customers buy a certain brand? What is the USP of the brand?

Brand architecture
What is the best architecture for group of brands?

Brand portfolio
What is the role for a brand in a branded family?

Create heartwarming verbal identity for the brand, attract both employees and customers.

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Create English or Chinese name for the brand.

Create inspiring brand tagline to communicate with stakeholders.

Key message
Develop key brand associations and interpretations.

Learn to manage corporate brand in a systematic way.

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Standard courses
Systematic brand management training and industry best practice analysis.

Customized training
Custom material according to client's interest and concern, plus highly interactive sections to help management learn corporte branding and get experts' advices.

To give the brand to life visually, creating unique and consistent brand experience.

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VI design
Develop unique and inspiring  logo, vitalize abstract brand idea.

Communication system design
Identiy and utilize eavry contact point, create a lasting brand identity system.

Printing design
Corporate brochure, poster, catelog, annual report, CSR report, and other graphic design.

Create a unique environment, make each customer's visit a pleasant experience.

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Retail design
Create a unique shopping environment, make each shopping a pleasant experience.

Signage directory
Offer buildings, parks, and plants unique visual directory.

Leverage web technology, create consistent online brand experience.

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Web design
Realize outstanding business idea through outstanding web design, web optimization and web promotion.

Digital creation

To reach and attract cilent at first sight in the digital world.

Online brand management
7/24 online brand management for cross-region and diversified group.

Corporate gallery

Build proprietary image library, leverage the brand's visual expression.

Understand driving force of business, dig and capture a truly unique market opportunity.

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Brand asset study
What perception is the brand in heart of customer?

Market segmentation
Distinguish different customers driven by different factors.

Brand experience audit
Do we provide customer with unique brand experience?

Provide advanced corporate branding service to leading companies that value social responsibility.

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Social responsibility (CSR)
Who is our stakeholder? How to set up data base of CSR to communicate with them?

Communication of annual report & CSR
How to make stakeholders know us better at important contact point?